Motorola Solutions and Dillard High School’s Emerging Technology Magnet Program

Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale is grateful and privileged to work with Motorola Solutions and the Motorola engineers who mentor students in the Emerging Technology Magnet Program. This 15-year partnership is not only rewarding and inspirational for students, but also for the engineers involved.

Through Motorola’s participation with the robotics and technology program, engineers share their knowledge of science and technology, impart on-the-spot problem solving skills, and show students ways to apply their class work to real life situations.

Dillard High’s Emerging Technology students
pose with the robot.

As part of the FIRST Robotics Competition Program, students work side-by-side with Motorola engineers in the 6-week program each year. They collaborate to understand the annual published robotics game challenge, devise a large-scale robot that accomplishes the teams’ goals, and fabricate a fully functional 5’ tall robot. Students then travel the country with the 120-pound robotic creation to compete against other high school/corporation partnerships.  Besides being a very engaging method to show students the basics of engineering and design, the program teaches students how to work in a multi-disciplinary team, practice “gracious professionalism” towards others, and accept that winning is not always the end-all goal of competition.

Motorola has stated the following about their participation, “We hope that through our involvement over the years we have inspired students and sparked an interest in pursuing careers in high-tech industries.  We look forward to each year that we are able to guide the students with hands-on, real-life, STEM oriented projects and hope to continue our relationship for years to come.”


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