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May 15, 2012

Broward Schools recognizes business partners in ceremony at Parker Playhouse

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This year, Broward County Public Schools celebrated and thanked its partners in an awards ceremony in early May.At Broward Partners we have so many business partners we would like to thank that we can’t name them all. Five partnerships of the many nominated for our annual partnership awards were recognized during the event.

West Broward High and Condee Farm have been working together since the school opened to provide hands-on experience for students in the Veterinary Assistance Program.  Students completing the program graduate with 300 hours on on-site training in addition to 200 hours in the classroom, and are eligible for industry certification. Condee farm also hosts Farm Days and brings animals onto campus for the school’s early childhood program.  Last school year, 36 students received their certification as Veterinary Assistants.  Forty-one are expected to receive it this year.

Sunset School and ArtServe worked together to create an art experience for the students, many of whom have emotional and behavioral disabilities and live in group or foster homes. The project was designed as a six-day eco-art experience, encouraging the students to learn about the animals and natural resources of South Florida and encouraging them to express what they learned in Masks, Dance, Clay, Drama and Poetry.  Most of these students have never been exposed to hands-on art program or to the local environment. This transformative experience left 42 students of all ages feeling much more connected to the world around them.

Tradewinds Elementary with Share-A-Pet are using certified therapy dogs to improve the reading skills of struggling second grade students. The dogs go to classes and listen to the children read. They animals are patient and do not rush or judge the children. The dogs reward the reader by shaking paws or allowing the reader to pet them. The teachers report that this program boosts the self-confidence of their young readers, and the Share-A-Pet volunteers work closely with the teachers to meet the needs of the students.

Lauderdale Manors Elementary School, Target and Heart of America worked together on the Library Make-Over. New books and new technology were featured in the new library. Target, collaborating with a local food pantry, also sent volunteers in every month for the entire year and brought dried food and fresh vegetables to every student in the school. Target Corporation works with approximately 25 schools  in the district.

April 6, 2012

Clueless a great success this year!

Whoever would have thought a murder would become a fundraiser on the streets of Fort Lauderdale? In a case of whodunit, sleuths from all over South Florida helped raise $19,500 for the non-profit Partners In Education while trying to solve a fictional murder mystery during this year’s ClueLess on Las Olas: “Till Death Do us Apart.”

For two hours, locals scoured the streets, buying hints from snitches and grabbing clues from the shops, all to find out who murdered Hillary Smith, the bride-to-be of the well-to-do Hawthorne Hatchett. Found dead in her room, the list of suspects included friends, former girlfriends of her fiancé Hatchett, a pushy boss, and even the escort/male dancer for the bachelorette party.

More than 450 amateur sleuths were seen weaving in and out of shops trying to solve this whodunit, which eventually revealed escort Taj Gupta as the murderer. As an annual fundraiser for Partners In Education, the event also featured a raffle and silent auction.

See Answers to Clues and Hints here. More photos here.

Sponsored by Wheelabrator Technologies among other business partners, the event raised money for Partners In Education. PIE works to improve student achievement by cultivating and integrating business, community and school resources for all students in Broward County Public Schools. All Broward County Schools are available for new partnerships. Businesses may make commitments of time, financial resources or other support, based on the need of the school and the type of business. In the 2010/2011 school year there were more than 2700 school partnerships that contributed $3.14 million in added resources to schools through cash and in-kind donations and the value of volunteer services.

For information about the program, please contact Nina A. Randall, APR, Executive Director at 754-321-1974 or or visit the PIE website at

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March 6, 2012

Tesla visits McNicol Middle School

Sometimes the only way to change the future is through the kids, and Tesla Motors is working with Broward Schools to do just that. Tesla, the maker of top-notch, stylish all-electric cars has partnered with McNicol Middle School in Hollywood to do just that. The magnet middle school with a heavy emphasis on STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) recently began an Alternative Energy program at the school for students. As part of that program, McNicol Middle School and Partners In Education put together a partnership with Tesla Motors. The company, most recently noted for its new Model X, an all electric SUV whose doors open like wings and is supposed to be faster than a Porsche, will be actively engaged in teaching the kids about alternative technologies for automobiles. Tesla started the partnership with a seminar held at the school to discuss the company’s all electric automobiles.
“I am just thrilled that Tesla Motors is involved with one of our magnet schools–the children are drawn to the sports car,” said Nina Randall, executive director of Broward Partners in Education (, about Tesla partnering with the alternative energy magnet school. “And it’s a great opportunity to learn about the environment and alternative energy at the same time.”